Feb 25, 2012

Turn your "Plain Jane" into Vintage Chic!

I've been very busy making new appliqués and selling them. I love making these and I am constantly seeking out things that I can make a mold of to add to my list of appliqués that I already have.

I have used resin appliqués (also called resin onlays, or furniture onlays/appliqués) for years. They are one of the most affordable and easy ways to take an ordinary piece and turn it into something vintage chic fabulous! The different ways these appliqués can be used is limited only to your creativity!

I have had people buy them from me to use on ceilings, furniture, decorative pillows (gorgeous!), jewelry boxes, lamps, decks, gables, scrapbooking, jewelry, shelves, cabinets… I could go on...

Just a few of my favorite “appliqué ideas”:

 Turn your "Plain Jane" into Vintage Chic! These appliqués will add elegance and charm to any decor!

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