Oct 23, 2011

Part 2... Not Quite the Finished Product...

I wanted to find just the right color for this chandelier. I am going for an authentic aged look. 
 It took a lot of different paint samples, but I found the color I was going for. 

After 2 coats of the Green Gold color metallic paint by Modern Masters.
I have used these paints before. The paint is made b Modern Masters - it is their metallic paint collection. They have a huge selection of different metallic colors with varying degrees of opacity. I usually have to mix colors to get the look I want, but this time I used their color Green Gold and it was perfect! The quality of the paint is great as well, very smooth and covers well.  It's not cheap. As you can see in the picture below, this 6oz bottle that I bought at Benjamin Moore is $12.99. However, it goes a long way and I don't use colors like this on a large scale, so I am able to do a number of different projects with it. Just recently I found it online at Paint-Colors.Net for about $10... next time I'll shop around more.

I bought 3 colors from the collection - Green Gold, Steel Gray and Pewter
(Green Gold and Steel Gray are shown here)

I would love to find a way to add some detail to the surface of parts of the chandelier. I tried using some of the appliques that I make myself and sell in my shop - Lula Belle. They didn't work. It would need to be very flexible, which I can do with my appliques, but it would also need to be very shallow so they wouldn't stick out very far. I'm keeping my eye out for something like this so check back in my shop if you are interested.

This is a chandelier I bought  a few years ago. I was somewhat going for a similar look for the chandelier I am working on. I want the chandelier to have this aged brass look.

I love the aged brass and the ornate design in the brass of this chandelier. 

This chandelier is one of my favorite things in my home. It is hung in my workroom. 
It was a great find and I didn't do a thing to it - I bought it as is.

Now I have 2 coats of paint on the chandelier.

Next I will put on the crystals and it will be done.

I promise the next posting will be the finished piece! 
I will post it as soon as I get the crystals on so come back soon!

Thanks for visiting.