May 31, 2011

Shutters and a Trunk Top Repurposed

I am always trying to free up time to work on my "stuff", but lately life keeps getting in the way. I love my projects and am glad that I am finding more time for working on them for Lula Belle.

I have been working on a number of different projects over the past few months. I started with 8 plantation shutters that I found recently. Shutters are fun to refinish and they look amazing used as architectural pieces in any room and with most decor. I love to see them on each side of a painting, attached on either side of a mirror framed by a vintage window, on either side of a window on the inside of a home, as a door on a cabinet, as a headboard on a bed, as a part of a bench... The possibilities are endless.

These are some examples of shutters that I have refinished and am using in my home.

These shutters are attached to an old mirrored window with antique brass hinges. This hangs over my daughter's bed.
These shutters are used as wall hangings on either side of the china cabinet in my living room. 
The possibilities of how these shutters can be used are endless and the look is very vintage charming and elegant if the shutters are refinished the right way. 

I painted the shutters that I found with a white color that has a grayish tint. The gray tint gives it a more vintage look. I applied appliqués to the shutters ( I make the appliqués myself and sell them  in my shop - Lula Belle). There are 4 pairs of shutters - each pair has matching appliqués.

I will do an antique glaze on the shutters next. This will give them an authentic vintage look that is very charming and elegant. 

I have also been working on an antique trunk top. This too is an architectural piece that also has endless possibilities of things it can be used for. I love this piece! It has so much vintage character and appeal! This is how it looked when I bought it.

I added some beautiful appliqués and two antique brass knobs.

Then I painted it with a vintage white and covered it with an antique glaze. It turned out amazing! This can be used for so many things - as a wall hanging over a bed, as a center in a group of paintings, over a door, as a 
place to hang things - I could go on....

For my next project I will be redoing an old Louis XV Chair that I found on the side of the road (someone had put it there for trash pick up). It was in bad shape and in need of a makeover! I will be painting it and reupholstering it myself with some gorgeous fabric I bought a long time ago.

Thank you for stopping by!

Please feel free to leave comments - I'd love to hear from you. I will be posting the progress of my chair as well as some other projects I'm working on.