Mar 29, 2011

Gorgeous Resin Appliqués!!!

This has been quite a journey learning how to work with silicone rubber to make molds so that I can make these gorgeous resin appliqués. I have loved every minute of it and am pleased to say that I am now able to sell these in my shop on Etsy - Lula Belle!

I am excited to sell these resin appliqués (also called furniture appliqués or onlays) and I am hoping to get pictures from people who purchase them so I can see all of the different projects they are being used for.

I have used lots of different appliqués on many projects that I have done and they are the easiest and most inexpensive way to really make an old piece of furniture (or whatever you choose) look gorgeous and give it that elegance and charm that you can only find in vintage pieces. One of my favorite projects that I did using appliqués was the mantle in our den.


I hand-painted an antique trunk that I bought in a shop in the mountains. I used a floral bouquet appliqué on top and accent appliqués on the sides. This trunk is now in my shop on Etsy. I love how this trunk turned out! The appliqués gave it a vintage chic look that is very charming and elegant. 

Another project I took on was in our master bedroom. The ceiling is a tray ceiling, which I love. I wanted to add something that would bring the eye up as you look around the room. I placed swags, wreaths and large ribbon bow appliqués around the perimeter of the top of the angled part on the tray ceiling. These add dimension and bring detail to the top of the room.

I love to find old wooden shutters and "reinvent" them. A few years ago I painted a pair of shutters that I found at an antique shop. I added some appliqués and they now hang on the wall in my living room on either side of a china cabinet. I love their aged vintage look!


Below are a few more examples of appliqués I have used in different projects. The possibilities truly are endless!

These are just a few of the appliqués that will be listed in my store, Lula Belle. Come check them out!!!

I am listing appliqués in my shop on Etsy for purchasing. These are so easy to use and very affordable! If you have any comments or questions regarding these or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact me! 

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Mar 5, 2011

Give an Ordinary Piece that Vintage Chic Appeal!

I have a true passion for finding ordinary pieces and "reinventing" them.

It starts with the "find", whether it be an antique frame, an old arch window, a bench, an old cupboard, a chair, an old farm table, a mirror, an antique barrel, an old jewelry box... I could go on. I love to go through old "junk antique" stores and browse for the perfect item for a project. It has to have the right look, be made of the right materials, be in relatively good condition(meaning if it is worn or broken, it can be fixed) and have something about it that makes it stand out... something unique.

One of my favorite ways to transform a piece from ordinary to extraordinary is by using resin appliqués(also called furniture appliqués or resin/furniture onlays). These appliqués are affordable and easy to use. You simply find the appliqués that work for your piece and glue them on. They can be painted or stained and once this is done the appliqués actually look like they have always been a part of the piece they are applied to.

Below are some examples of different ways these can be used.

There are different designs and sizes of these appliqués to choose from, and finding a place to purchase them can be challenging.

Over the past 4 or 5 months I have been learning how to make molds so that I can make these appliqués myself since I use them so much.

I am now able to make a great selection of different appliqués in different sizes and styles that can be used to transform a "plain Jane" piece into a gorgeous vintage chic piece with lots of charm and elegance to add  to any decor.

Below are just a few of the appliqués that I can now make.

I will be selling these in my shop - Lula Belle. I am in the process of listing them right now and they should be on the site within a week.

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