Jan 7, 2011

Always Looking For a Way to Keep Costs Down...

I love resin appliques and I use them all the time. I probably got a little "applique happy" in my own home. I love the elegance and charm, along with the vintage feel an applique can give to any type of decor.

Finding a good supplier is important. You won't find resin appliques easily, and when you do they may be pricey. I have also found that most suppliers don't have a good selection.

Appliques vary in price according to material, size and where you buy them. Pretty much all of the applilques I have used over the years have been from an online store called Do It Yourself Chic. I have always been very happy with the appliques I have bought there and they are packaged well and sent with instructions. They have tons to choose from, and the designs are gorgeous!

 And to top it off these appliques couldn't be easier to use. You literally just glue them on, then paint! The paint fills in around them acting as another glue layer, and it makes the applique look as if it has always been a part of whatever it is you have put them on. I put them on my mantle, on the tray ceiling in my bedroom, on furniture, architectural pieces and more...

 A few weeks ago I did some research and decided to try making some myself in order to save money. I made some molds from polymer clay today. They seemed to turn out well. Tomorrow I am going to put the resin in and try making my first appliques. I'll let you know how it turns out!

Here are the molds I worked on. Hope they work!
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