Jan 20, 2011

What is it About a Cameo?

What is it about a cameo that is so elegant and charming? I have always been drawn to cameos because of their vintage chic appeal. And I am not the only one that likes cameos... it seems they are appearing more and more in all kinds of unique forms. Of course the cameo ring has always been around. However, now you can find newer versions of  cameo pieces that jewelry makers are showing. The different styles are amazing and so creative and fun! Here are a few of my favorites from different shops on Etsy. I love these newer updated styles - so fun to wear!
"Lady in Black Cameo Ring" by Glazed Black Cherry 
"Vintage Style Mother and Child Necklace by Luna Shine Shine
"Skull Cameo Ring" bGrigio Design
Victorian Style Lady Cameo Necklace by Luna Shine Shine
"Rhinestone Cameo Belt Buckle" by Angel Grace
"Butterfly Kisses Cameo Garter" by Peterene Design
My most recent project was repainting a pair of framed cameos that I found at an antique shop in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Originally these cameos were painted with copper accents and placed on a peach colored background. I bought them knowing that I could do something with them to make them elegant and charming. And so I repainted them using more neutral colors. I also painted the frames and put a small amount of antique glaze on them. I love how they turned out!
This pair can be found in my shop, Lula Belle, on Etsy
I am going to make some cameos from molds using resin so I can use them for my projects.I am still working on making molds to make resin appliqués. I knew when I started this that this would have somewhat of a learning curve to it and I was right. I am determined to find the best way to make these molds so I can make my own resin pieces.

Originally I made the molds out of Sculpey clay, but working with the clay was very difficult, and the resin stuck to the clay even after I sprayed them with Mold Release. After doing research and talking to my sister (who is the true artist in our family!), I switched from clay to rubber. I bought some Mold Builder at Michael's and I am in the process of making the molds right now. This process takes more time, but I am sure the results will be much better. The rubber is much easier to work with once you get the molds made.

Here are some the molds I am currently working on. These pieces have around 6 layers of Mold Builder on them. Each piece takes anywhere from 10 to 25 layers of the rubber which is brushed on. Each layer has to dry completely so it takes a while to complete. Though the process takes a while, brushing the layers on is quite simple.

I will post the molds when they are done so you can see how they turn out.

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Jan 7, 2011

Always Looking For a Way to Keep Costs Down...

I love resin appliques and I use them all the time. I probably got a little "applique happy" in my own home. I love the elegance and charm, along with the vintage feel an applique can give to any type of decor.

Finding a good supplier is important. You won't find resin appliques easily, and when you do they may be pricey. I have also found that most suppliers don't have a good selection.

Appliques vary in price according to material, size and where you buy them. Pretty much all of the applilques I have used over the years have been from an online store called Do It Yourself Chic. I have always been very happy with the appliques I have bought there and they are packaged well and sent with instructions. They have tons to choose from, and the designs are gorgeous!

 And to top it off these appliques couldn't be easier to use. You literally just glue them on, then paint! The paint fills in around them acting as another glue layer, and it makes the applique look as if it has always been a part of whatever it is you have put them on. I put them on my mantle, on the tray ceiling in my bedroom, on furniture, architectural pieces and more...

 A few weeks ago I did some research and decided to try making some myself in order to save money. I made some molds from polymer clay today. They seemed to turn out well. Tomorrow I am going to put the resin in and try making my first appliques. I'll let you know how it turns out!

Here are the molds I worked on. Hope they work!
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Jan 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

It has been too long since I have posted anything on my blog. Needless to say the holidays kept me busy, and while I was still working on my shop, somehow I seemed to get derailed everytime I tried to get on the computer.

I am trying to find a space in my home where I can work. It needs to be a workroom with space to store my supplies, and a place I can get away and focus on what I love to do!

Any suggestions?

What I would love to have and am trying to make this work, is an old shed/barn in my backyard that I could turn into my workroom. I would love fixing it up the way I wanted and making it my "Happy Place".

I have seen different examples of this in magazines.
Photo found at Patchwork Harmony 
from an article in Country Living Magazine
There are tons of wonderful ideas and some amazing examples from people that have taken outdoor buildings and turned them into something wonderful and useful. Check out the links below for just a few...

A Garage Retreat
A Transformed Shed
Little Backyard Bungalows
The Humble Shed (my favorite examples)

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I'll be back soon!