Dec 2, 2010

Barn Wood Projects...

I have started a few new projects using the old barn wood I got from a man that lives near Charlotte. If you have some old barn wood or even access to some, then take advantage of what you can do by repurposing this wood! I love all of the character and "patina" that old barn wood has. You can create some wonderful things from this type of wood and I have started just a few...

I am making a medium sized table. I have just gotten the pieces cut and sanded. I will be painting this table and using it to display items for my store. Here are some pictures of the wood before and after sanding.

I am also using some of the wood to make architectural pieces that I have started. I have just gotten the first coat of paint on these pieces.

I am going to put appliques and antique hardware on the front. These will be architectural pieces and they are beautiful when done. I have one that I did a few years ago over my front door. I have a 2 story foyer and there is a lot of room over my front door that needed something but I couldn't seem to find anything that would work for the space. I finally came up with it one day and the architectural piece is the perfect center for the arrangement I put together.

I will post the finished table and architectural pieces when I am done.

I will be listing these and other items in my store on Etsy

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