Nov 26, 2010

Pair of Pastoral Paintings Part 1: My newest project...

I have started a new project and this will be a fun one for me! I am painting a pair of wooden plaques with pastoral scenes that will compliment each other. I have just started and as you can see in the picture below I have done the sky, clouds and the base of the landscape.

I will be taking pictures intermittently as I go through this project so I can show the process from start to finish.

Please don't hesitate to leave comments about what you think, or if you have any suggestions! I would love to hear from you.

        I love vintage paintings of pastoral scenes with sheep, cows, barns, castles, etc. I painted pastoral scenes on an antique chest that I have listed in my shop on Etsy ( I am drawn to the vintage feel and the French Country look of these types of paintings.
Below are pictures of some items I found recently in the mountains that I didn't put on a former blog post so I thought I would add them here. These are future projects for me and I will be sure to post them when they are in progress as well.

This bench is painted a creme white, and the top is outlined in a moss green. The paint is chipping and aged which I love! I may just sell this as is, I haven't decided. What do you think?

I am always drawn to antique buckets and watering cans. I found these at a good price so I bought them. I will paint these. 

Keep coming back to see the "Pair of Pastoral Scene Paintings Project - Part 2".

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to check out my shop on Etsy ~ Lula Belle!  

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