Oct 24, 2010

Reinventing an Old Tea Cart - Part 3

Busy weekend carpooling kids and putting up Halloween decorations (my favorite holiday to decorate for!).

I have gotten the base coat of paint done! I did some repairing of the joints of the tea cart, just to add support. It was very sturdy already, I just like to reinforce the joints to make it more sturdy.

I love painting... it almost feels therapeutic as I am doing it. I love watching the piece I am working on transform into what my final vision is for the piece. I am very particular (my husband would say I go overboard). As I see it, if my name is going to be on it then I want it to be done right.

After the base coat of paint is done, I lightly sanded the entire cart allowing the wood to show through on the edges and corners (places that would be worn over time). 

After sanding I covered the areas I want to look distressed with candle wax. The candle wax prevents the top coat of paint from attaching to those areas.

After I paint the top coat and allow it to dry, I will lightly sand the cart again. The areas where wax was applied will sand off easily, allowing the base coat of paint to show through. This step makes it look more authentically antiqued.

So my next step is to paint the top coat. The color I will use is a soft creme color.

Thanks  for visiting and come back in a few days for Part 4!

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