Oct 30, 2010

Reinventing an Old Tea Cart - Part 4


Sorry I took so long... kids schedules are keeping me very busy - I know a lot of you know what I'm talking about:-)

First I just have to show you a beautiful picture of my cat, BoBo (his full name is Beauregard Bobcat Boyd from Watauga County). I am in love with this guy, and he even has red hair (which I love). Isn't he handsome?

I am very excited! I have gotten the top coat of paint on the tea cart and it looks gorgeous! (I love this part!)

The paint went on very well and it took 2 coats.

I love the color. It is a creme - toward the white side. Very chic!

Next I lightly sanded the whole cart so that the base coat of paint would show through where I applied candle wax.  The candle wax makes the paint come off very easily so it takes only a light sanding.

The sanding also smoothes out all of the surfaces which I like.

Now all I have to do is put a coat of antique glaze on it and then clean the hardware and put it all back together. I will send pictures of the finished tea cart in the last post on this cart.

Thanks so much for visitng and keep coming back for more fun things!

Oct 24, 2010

Reinventing an Old Tea Cart - Part 3

Busy weekend carpooling kids and putting up Halloween decorations (my favorite holiday to decorate for!).

I have gotten the base coat of paint done! I did some repairing of the joints of the tea cart, just to add support. It was very sturdy already, I just like to reinforce the joints to make it more sturdy.

I love painting... it almost feels therapeutic as I am doing it. I love watching the piece I am working on transform into what my final vision is for the piece. I am very particular (my husband would say I go overboard). As I see it, if my name is going to be on it then I want it to be done right.

After the base coat of paint is done, I lightly sanded the entire cart allowing the wood to show through on the edges and corners (places that would be worn over time). 

After sanding I covered the areas I want to look distressed with candle wax. The candle wax prevents the top coat of paint from attaching to those areas.

After I paint the top coat and allow it to dry, I will lightly sand the cart again. The areas where wax was applied will sand off easily, allowing the base coat of paint to show through. This step makes it look more authentically antiqued.

So my next step is to paint the top coat. The color I will use is a soft creme color.

Thanks  for visiting and come back in a few days for Part 4!

Oct 21, 2010

Reinventing and Old Tea Cart - Part 2

I have decided to paint the tea cart after looking through magazines and online at other furniture finishing examples.

I found a number of carts that were refinished to their traditional wood color.

I found a few that were painted. My favorite that I found was at Bella Cottage. This online store carries Shabby Chic furniture pieces including vintage dressers, nightstands, settees and more. They have beautiful things. The website has 2 pages of "Shabby Tea Carts" that are all different, but have all been painted a shabby white. Of the 12 listed, 10 have sold.

I like the painted look of these carts at Bella Cottage, but I want to do something that isn't quite so white, and something more vintage or distressed looking.

I am going to start by adding a few resin appliques - not too many - I don't want to get too "froo froo". I get my appliques from Do It Yourself Chic. I find these to be great quality, well priced and they are always nicely packaged with a sweet note from the owner.  

Then I will paint the entire cart with a base coat of paint that is a darker taupey grey.

This is as far as I have gotten on the tea cart.

I will be back with Part 3 when I get the next part of this process done. Please leave comments and let me know what you think!

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Oct 17, 2010

Reinventing an Old Tea Cart - Part 1

I thought it would be fun to show my current project and the process of taking it from start to finish so here it goes...

I found this tea cart at an antique mall near Valle Crucis, North Carolina(home of  the famous Mast General Store, opened in 1883). I found the cart in the back room of the store, where extra inventory was kept. Most of the antique stores I go to have these back rooms and these rooms are where I have found some of my favorite pieces at the best prices.

I loved this piece as soon as I saw it, and was excited to see that, though it was very scratched up and covered in dust and spiderwebs, it was solid and had a lot of potential.

So I bought it!

First thing I do when I start a project like this is to take the piece apart as much as I can, putting all of the hardware in a baggie so I won't lose any of the smaller screws, etc. The picture above is the table after I took off  the wheels.

Here is the drawer.The drawer pull is solid brass and has the perfect patina - real not artificial.

As you can see the table was a mess. The shelf underneath was covered with those cocoon looking spider egg things and I am a huge arachnophobic!

I think this cart must have sat in a garage or some sort of storage space because it had a bunch of dust and dirt on it as well.

Just another angle - this is a view of one of the two drop leafs before I took the top of the table off.

I love these wheels! When the table is assembled, the wheels are what give this piece so much charm and character.

Once I got the table taken apart, I vacuumed it thoroughly with the brush attachment and got most of the dust, dirt and spider cocoon thingys off.

Ready for sanding!

This is the hardest part of this kind of project, but I think it's the most important. I am very particular about what I do. My plan is to paint the cart, so I only need to "rough it up" by sanding it to get it ready for paint, but I usually sand it down to the wood. Very tiring on my forearms, but the end result is so much better!

This is the base of the cart and the hardest part to sand because of the legs - lots of crevices. The dog in the picture is Pearl. She is our golden retriever, and she is the niece of our other golden named Charlotte. They are so precious to me and my family! Even though I have to vacuum every day because they leave furballs all over my house, I can't imagine life without them.

OK, back to the tea cart...

I have gotten the cart completely sanded and I have vacuumed it and wiped it down with a damp cloth. I have to say it turned out great. All of the parts are in good working condition and the wood, which is maple, looks great!

I love getting the sanding done. Now I have my piece, ready to be reinvented!

I use regular old sand paper. I don't use sanding sponges, and I rarely use steel wool. I find it easier to use plain old sand paper. However for tricky areas, like the "spokes" on the wheels of the cart I use my Dremel - a wonderful tool for sanding the difficult pieces.

Love this tool!
So this is where I am currently in this Tea Cart Project. Now I'm ready to start the fun part.

My plan has been to paint the cart, maybe a creme color and then do an antique glaze on it, but I love this piece and want to make sure that is what I should do.

Please let me know your thoughts about this and I would love any ideas or suggestions you may have.

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